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What is Factory Refreshed?

Factory Refreshed is quite simply the highest tier of pre-owned device, certified by Canada's experts in used smartphones. Literally as good as new, Factory Refreshed phones are indistinguishable from brand new phones, inside and out.

All Orchard Certified Factory Refreshed phones have gone through a rigorous refurbishment process, which guarantees that they are up to Orchard's stringent quality standards.

Say Hello to Quality, Certified:


Brilliant display with sharp colours
and fully responsive touchscreen


Every device ships with a new battery


All cameras take focused, vibrant photos


All speakers output loud, crisp
sound. Microphones record high-
definition sound


Updated with the latest software
versions. APN settings set for use
with Public Mobile


Wireless network, Wi-Fi, and
Bluetooth all maintain strong

Cosmetic Condition

Completely free of any blemishes,
scratches, etc. Completely
indistinguishable from a brand new phone.

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